Monday, February 11, 2013

The only sustainable advantage in business

"The ability to create is the only sustainable advantage a business can have"
Most of us were raised to believe in the benefits of competition.  If we worked a little harder or did something a little bit better than the next guy, it would lead to some sort of victory or success.
I now believe we would be better served if we changed our focus from competition to creativity.   The end result would be that we become happier and more successful.   Less stress and more reward.
"Competition attempts to be like only a little better"
In competition we analyze our opponents and copy what we think works.  Then we try to do a little more or do it a little better.   That sounds logical but there is a major flaw in that strategy and flaw is that it breeds sameness.  
"The great achievers are focused on creativity"
Creativity leads to newness.   A new way of doing things and not just a slightly better way.  A totally new new product or service.    To create something is so much more satisfying.   It is exciting for you and your customers.  
"Competition is an outdated model that leads to modest gains"

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