Saturday, August 28, 2010

Introduction to the forthcoming book...

"I don't do hard and difficult and neither should you"

Five years ago, I sat on a beach in Mexico and contemplated my life. The truth, that I had never expressed to others was that, I was not all that happy with my life. So asked myself, how would I like my life to be? A few cold cervesa's later, the answer came back...

"I want my life to be fun, easy and abundant"

The more I reflected on that wish (honest no more cervesa involved) the more I started to believe that fun, easy and abundant, is how life was meant to be. So I made the decision, to make it a belief. Yeah, I know that flies against logic, but then I don't do logic very well. The idea fired up my creative juices, so I set out to prove that I was right and all of those philosophers throughout the ages, that preached that life is hard and difficult and then you die, were morons.

"Books on happiness are boring"

I immersed myself in hundreds of books to research the nonsense, that I called my thesis. I bought so many books, that the big chain bookstore sent me presents at Christmas. I started out consuming books on happiness. Big mistake! Most of those books are writted by well meaning soul's with academic backgrounds. They can't resist writing as if their book was being reviewed by their old English professor. It's in their DNA I suppose, to be informative and boring at the same time.

"so lucky for you...I wrote the book and left out the boring parts"

We remember best, what greatly interests us and what makes us laugh. I figure I've now read over 1,000 books in my life. I've come to realize (ok, I'm a slow learner) that the author is asking a lot of you. I'm not just talking about your hard earned cash but also your time.

"why this book doesn't suck"

School is out and I ain't going back! No English teacher is ever going to be permitted to grade my writing again. I can break all of the rules and I do (with great joy). I have some bold and refreshing thoughts on making, easy and abundant. I guarantee, this book is full of enough inights and goofy stuff, to get you thinking and laughing.

"we are all born naked and screaming, let's hope it never changes"

See, I can put in something totally unrelated to the subject, just because I think it will amuse us.

Should you buy this book?

I dare you to flip through the pages of this book. Stop anywhere, read one short entry and if it makes you laugh, think or the dang thing! If it bores you, kindly put it back on the shelf and please don't tell the next person.

Smile, we are big kids now, and can do anything we want!

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  1. That is too funny! Where can I buy more copies so I can put them on my 'Gift List'?
    I didn't have one before and now it's a 'must give'...once I stop laughing.