Thursday, February 23, 2012's not all it's cracked up to be

Sometimes I get annoyed with the 'warrior' types and their endless chants of...never ever, ever give up!  Not only is it annoying but at times it is downright foolish.  

Persistance is a valued trait if applied with thought and reason.  Blind persistance can take you so far down the wrong road you may never find your way back.   Sometimes what we are doing,  just is never going to work and we need to make changes.   So this makes more sense to me...

"If at first you don't succeed.....try, try again.   If it still doesn't work....try different"

Its all about....

*Knowing what you want

*Knowing what you are getting

*Making changes until you get what you want or

*Finding a new want

It's not so much about giving up your dreams and more about being open to changing the path  to the dream or finding a dream better suited to you.  As Darwin isn't the strongest that's the most flexible (and adapatable).

So I've given up on my dream of being the next Dali Lama and settling down with Lady GaGa...Dang!

Life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant, so quit beating your head against the wall.   It's stupid and its making a mess of the drywall. 



  1. Like this and it is so try. "Making changes until you get want you want or finding a new want."

    Love your humor and you always brighten the day and NIGHT!!
    Blessing to you,

    1. Whoops that is suppose to be true not try. See I am not perfect.!!

  2. thanks for your comment Debbie, but mostly thanks for stopping by my blog. It's good to hear from you!