Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inner peace (at last)

I am passing this on to you because I know we could all use a little more inner peace.   I'd like to claim this is my idea but the truth (I think) is that it originated from Dr. Phil.  Apparently on one his shows he gave this sterling advice;

"the way to achieve inner peace, is to finish all the things that you started and have left unfinished"

Wow, that sounded like just the tonic for me and my troubled soul.   So I looked around my abode for unfinished things.  Being an action guy this is what I accomplished:

I polished off the last half of a pumpkin pie
It was difficult but I finished off the rest of a bucket of ice cream
3/4 of a bottle of red wine...gone
and the last 5 bottles of a case of beer are now history...

feeeling pretttty pppeaceful....gooodd nightt

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