Monday, July 9, 2012

What is the magical number in love and business?

According to John Gottman the famed relationship researcher 5 is the magical number for a successful marriage.   Gottman found that within a marriage if there was  a minimum of 5 positive reactions  to 1 negative one the odds of a successful marriage was optimal.   Once a relationship fell below the magical ratio it predicted the demise of the relationship.  

Gottman is able to predict with 95% accuracy whether a relationship will lead to divorce in mere minutes just by interving the couple and determining thier ratio of positive to negative words and actions.  Amazing!

What about business relationships?

Amazingly the same ratio applies to management and employees.   Fall below the magical number and it is predictive that your employees are getting ready to find new employment (assuming they can find it).  And even if they stay on job they are not going to be happy productive employees.   They will be more apt to do the minimum effort just to keep employed. 

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