Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is your business card worth the paper it's printed on?

"You know about the importance of first impressions and last impressions but a remarkable business card will leave a lasting impression"

Does your card actually bring you business?   Or is it like most conventional cards and merely be a means of passing contact information?    How many cards have you received that were remarkable enough for you to show to other people?

"Conventional business cards bring conventional results which is a nice way of saying not much of anything"

Your card should be your silent salesman promoting you when you are not present.   It can be a very valuable marketing tool but not if it is the standard boring piece of paper most business people have.   Your card ideally should be a conversation starter.   Here is the front and back of my new card...

One thing I've noticed is so many cards try much to hard to portray professionalism and as a result end of boring and uninteresting.   Look at your card and the others that you may have collected...are they remarkable?   Remarkable of course meaning...worth remarking about?

When someone gets your card is there anything that might cause them to ask you a question?    Anything about your card that will leave a lasting impression?   I have changed my card several times and will continue to change it if I can improve on it. 

Business cards are such a small investment and yet have the potential to actually create business for you if done right.  Considering the small cost why not get the best quality card stock?   I personally prefer a heavy stock as it gives the feeling of weight and quality.   Please give it some thought?

Another brilliant idea....

Do you remember when you got your first business card?   I sure do, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to pass it around to friends and family anyone else I thought might be in anyway the slightest interested.   Remembering that feeling it occurred to me that every employee whether they drive a truck or sweep the floors should have their own business card.  

If a person is good enough for you to hire then they are good enough to be an ambassador for your business.   I shared this idea with one company and a few months later the CEO told me that the idea had really paid off in spades.  

He said the employees that didn't normally get cards took great pride in them which boosted morale and loyalty to the company.   As a result when positions came open their friends were lining up to apply.     Also, they become company ambassadors bragging about their worth and the company.   Everytime they pass out a card it is advertising your company.   It cost so little and the return can be amazing.

One more brilliant idea...

Have you ever considered a personal card?   Imagine you are meeting with an important client and you give them your personal card and is my personal card with my personal cell phone number on me anytime!   Think they will be impressed?   It will create a more personal reaction.  And sometimes it just seems to sales like to give a business card.

Here is one I made for a friend who is an avid sailor...

What other way can you promote your business for just pennies?  I would greatly appreciate hearing your comments and please share this if you like it...thanks ..ED