Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Irrisitable urges...(for women's eyes only)

"Willpower is weak power"

There is something about us dumb humans that we keep insisting on doing things the hard way.   We are lousy at controlling our urges even when we know that those urges are bad for us.   Our default response is usually  to employ willpower.  Sometimes willpower works but mostly it fails us.   A rare few are masters of willpower but the rest of us tend to opt for the immediate pleasure of our urges over the hard and difficult way that is willpower.  

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body on the couch tends to eat junk food"

Is there an easier way to control our undesireable urges?    Yes!   The good news is that there is a simple and effective way to resist the urge to eat that second piece of pie or to lay on the couch and consume junk food by bucket full.  It is remarkably easy and proven to be effective.   And because I like you so much I will reveal all...

"The secret to controlling your destructive urges is....to daydream"

That's it!   Not only is daydreaming not difficult but it's fun and easy.    So lets imagine that you are feeling that urge to polish off the rest of that bucket of smooth chocolate ice cream that has been calling for you?   (or insert your favorite dessert here)   The urge is strong and you can easily imagine slowly savouring that beautiful creamy dreamy chocolate....and yet that annoying voice in your head is saying....NO STOP...we want to be slim and fit and this stuff will cling to my butt like velcro.   But your willpower is weak so what's a girl to do?

Take a deep breath....exhale...good....now lets go daydreaming.  

Imagine you are walking on a tropical beach.   It is one of those vacation days where everything is so perfect it's like you are in an epic movie.   The sun is glistening off the ocean, the sand is warm and fun to walk on.   A few birds circle overhead and a gentle warm breeze is coming off the ocean.   You step into a few inches of water and kick at it.   It's like you are that young wild and free girl again, full of energy and life.  Your senses are flooded with good feelings.  How could this get any better you think?

As you are strolling down the beach you notice that all of the men you pass by stop whatever they are doing to admire you .   You know they are watching and admiring.   Out of the corner of your eye you can see them exchanging glances of approval.  There can be no mistake...today you are hot and every male within sight knows it!

Then you notice a hot hunk of manhood walking towards you.  This guy is strong, hansome, confident and bears a striking resemblance to George Clooney.  The closer he gets the more his gorgeous smile spreads across his face.    For him  the world no longer exists, he sees only you and he obviously loves what he sees.   Your heart starts to race and your face feels a little flushed.  He's getting so close.  He blocks your path and takes both of your hands in his and his eyes look deeply and longingly into yours.   He says hello and tells you his name is Antonio but your head is swimming and you can barely remember your own name.  You do however sense that is barely in control of  himself as well.   You can see it in those dark brown beautiful eyes...he wants you and he wants you badly.    .   Your eyes lock and its as if you can see deep into the honesty of each others soul.    You see his vulnerability, kindness and deepest desire....

OK,  snap out of it girl!   It was just a daydream.     A damn good one wouldn't you admit?    What happened to that urge.   POOF....gone like yesterday.    And that is todays lessson....a good daydream can disolve a bad urge like a hot spoon through chocolate mocca ice cream.  

This is but an example of what my book is all about....finding a seducers fun easy way to solve life's problems instead of the warrior way of hard and difficiult.    Willpower is hard and difficult, daydreaming is fun and easy....you choose?

For more on my book....How To Seduce Life ...go to...   www.howtoseducelife.info
(unless of course you like hard and difficult which most of you seem to be pretty good at)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

A peek inside my book....Introduction

"Busting your butt and delaying happiness in the hope of achieving some future goal is like putting off sex until you are old"

Most self help books are written on the premise of you becoming a warrior.   The 'warrior way' is hard work, discipline and delayed gratification.   Then one day in the far future you will reap the rewards of your labours.   It never appealed to me as it just sounded too much like hard work and not all that much fun.

Lucky for us, I discovered how to seduce life instead of conquering it.  Seducing life is the fun easy way to abundance and happiness.   It's about getting what you want and having a blast along the way.

To illustrate the difference between the warriors way and seducing life consider this little story.  (I have no idea where it orginated.)

The wind and sun were having an arguement over who had the strongest powers.   The wind proudly boastede to the sun;  as proof of my powwer see that man down there?   Watch as I easily blow his coat away from him.   With that he sent down a sudden and strong gust of wind.   The man instinctively grabbed his coat and held tight to it.   The wind laughed and said, 'now watch and see what I can do to the puny man'.   

This time he really cranked up his power and blew so hard the man had to struggle to stay on his feet.  But this only caused him to grab harder to his coat and wrap it around himself even more tightly.

That is trying to conquer!

Next it was the suns turn.  With the warmest smile possible the sun beamed down his gently rays upon the man.   Whithout his being consciously aware the mans spirit lifted.   'What a beautiful day' he thought to himself.  The man smiled in appreciation, welcomed the warmth on his body and happily took off his coat.

That is seduction!

There are several definitions of the word seduce.   The one I use for the purpose of this book is; To win over, attract or entice so as to cause the intended to give that which is desired, freely and happily.  This should not be confused with sexual seduction where the goal is take advantage of the target.   Instead it is the kind of gentle seduction that leads to love.   It is born of the highest intent.   It is to entice life to love you.   I call it 'life seduction'.

Life seduction is like a sunset so beautiful there are no words to describe how moving it feels to experience it.   A piece of music that stirs an emotion so strong it brings a tear to your eye.  A poem that creates a belief in something greater within you.   The laughter of a child that makes any sacrifice seem unworthy of mention.   Life seduction causes those who experience it to feel so good they are moved and inspired to leve the source it comes from. 

I have no interest in conquering.   I do not wish to be a warrior as is the urging of so many self help authors.   I don't wish to fight over anything, especially myself. 

"If you haven't got the heart of a warrior then lucky you"

I devoted years to discovering ways to make my life; fun, easy and abundant.  Hundreds of book, thousands of internet searches and years of observation have brought me to some really good news!

"life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant"

I believe that we have been sold on the big lie...life is hard, difficult and then you die.   Pretty depressing stuff, huh?   It is time time to bring some light to the truth.   We need to get off the path of hard and difficult and...

"Learn to love life and let it love you back"

I would like you to consider what Thomas Edison had to say...

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in work clothes and looks like work"   Thomas must have been an old school warrior.

Now consider the 'seducer' response to the Edison quote...

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed up funny and looks like play."

Whose team do you want to be on?

Psst.....want to know more about my book go to...   www.howtoseducelife.info

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why James Arthur Ray caused the deaths of 3 people

"When you hold onto your beliefs with all of your strength you choke the wisdom right out of them"

James Arthur Ray has just been convicted of 3 counts of negligent homicide causing the deaths of those same poor people.    He was one of the worlds top self help Gurus and a  teacher of the Law of Attraction in the book 'The Secret'.   He was featured on Oprah and all of the major cable shows.  He built an empire based on the Law of Attraction.  So how could it be that a leader in the LOA movement came to this?

I believe Mr Ray fell into the same trap that most zealots succumb to: his success caused him to believe that his teachings were infallible.   His conviction that his methods were beyond question blinded him to the truth.   His intention was not evil, in fact he strongly believed that we was doing incredible good.

"The stronger your beliefs the more intolarant you become of the beliefs of others"

This is why people will strap bombs on themselves and go blow up innocents.   This is why people will blindly follow their leaders into unjust wars and commit crimes against humanity.   They believe!  And they believe so strongly that they are right and that everyone else is wrong so they lose their ability to question authority.   The leader knows the truth and they follow his teachings and directions. 

"The truth doesn't need us to believe in it, the truth just needs us to be open to it" 

How many times have you been wrong when you were totally convinced you were right?   Maybe you feel in love and were totally convinced you had found your perfect soul mate and yet a year later you couldn't wait to get out of the relationship.   Maybe you found the perfect friend only to discover that they were disloyal or just using you.  I could on but we both know that we've all had beliefs that we were absolutely right and later discovered that we couldn't have been further from the truth. 

Anything of great value is worth questioning.    Any teachings that asks you to commit 100%  is dangerous.   As your belief strengthens your mind slowly closes.    This is just human nature at work.  The mind likes to have faith and have fewer things to worry about.   But simplistic beliefs can be very dangerous.    Of course it helps to believe in things like the law of gravity.   Jumping off high buildings to test its validity would be inane.  But we should never give up our ultimate protection.   

"Our protections is to always question authority"

Those in authority make up the rules, guidelines and laws.   And those same people profit by us following their teachings.   It is one of my great life epiphany's to always question authority.   I am as open as I can possibly be to new ideas however my inner doubter is still protecting me.   That's its purpose.   Anyone who tells me that what they are teaching is beyond questioning sets off this little inner alarm in me.  They may be right but they may be wrong as well.

Any teachings, religion or theory that doesn't tolerate questioning is potentially dangerous.   Three people died because James Arthur Ray demanded they accept his teachings without questioning.   They stayed at his urging in a sweat lodge long past when their common sesnse told them to leave because they refused to question his authority.   They are now dead and it is so sad, tragic and unnecessary.  

"Without strong beliefs you won't accomplish much"

Sounds like I just contradicted myself doesn't it?   Well this is one of life's paradoxs.    Without strong beliefs we are leafs blowing around in the wind.  We need to anchor ourselves in strong beliefs so that we have a foundation to build on.   In fact it is often unrealistic beliefs that lead to major discoveries and success.   Life is full of stories of people with irrational beliefs that changed the world.   So what's a girl to do?

Strong beliefs loosely held!

You need strong beliefs to build upon.   You need to base your life on something.   You just don't need to ever quit questioning authority and beliefs.   Do you really think Jesus, Mohammad or Buddha would really mind if you questioned their teachings.   No, I think they would welcome it!   I believe they would admire you for it and welcome your questions.   After all it was blind acceptance that led previous generations to believe in sun gods and demons.  

I believe in a lot of things and I will defend my beliefs to anyone.   However, I will never give 100% belief to anything.   I've been wrong just too many times.   Heck, I once thought bell bottom jeans were just the coolest pants on the planet.  

I'm proud to say to anyone that I have strong beliefs loosely held.   Meaning that I believe strongly in many things but I'm always open to being proven wrong.  In fact I welcome anyone to prove me wrong.   I would not want to invest any part of my life being on  the wrong path just because I refused to open my eyes to the truth. 

Three people would be alive today if they questioned authority.   Three people would be alive if they had strong beliefs loosely held.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book sales are taking off

What do you think, will I make a good beach vendor in Mexico this winter?

Photo by Linda @ KPCS Photography in Calgary, AB

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's too damn easy to be humble

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On the other hand for some this cartoon might be more appropriate...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God doesn't do ugly

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"when some look at at a dandylion they see a weed but to God it is but another beautful flower"

What some see as obstacles....others see opportunties.

What some see as failure.........others see as valuable lessons.

What some see as limitations...others see as challenges.

What some see as regrets..........others see as experiences.

What some see as misfortune.......I see as a future cartoon

What some see as wine.............I see as the nector of the Gods

What some see as nonsense.........I see as my beautiful book

"everything is not as it seems it is much more beautiful"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have you have underestimated yourself?

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"we all have a tendency to underestimate our abilities and potentials"

Since my book came out I have been approached many times by people who tell me that they intend to write a book as well.   I do my best to encourage them to go for it but down deep I know that almost none of them will follow through.   I just don't hear conviction in their talk.   They have wishes not intentions.   And yet I also know that it is quite possible for them to write a book.   So why won't they just do it?

"Only those who are willing to step out side of their comfort zones ever achieve anything meaningful"

I know that when I actually committed myself (insert your dumb joke here) to writing my book, I had to face a few fears.   It was uncomfortable to have thoughts like;   what if people think its stupid?,  what if no one buys it?  what if I can't get it published?   what if people laugh at my efforts?   That's uncomfortable stuff to contemplate.

Fortunately I'm not as attached to reality as much as most people.  So I came to the conclusion...'screw it I'm doing it'.    Long story short...the book is done and everything seems to be working out better than anticipated.  

Who knows how successful it will be?   Not me.   What's really important is that I have the book sitting here on my desk and a lot of equally and more talented people don't and won't ever have the joy of writing and publishing a book.    Why?

Because they choose not to step out of their comfort zones!

P.S.   And for a guy who can't draw it makes me laugh to think that I produce cartoons for the book and for my friends.    You have no idea how enjoyable it is to make fun of my friends in my cartoons.  


Saturday, June 11, 2011

The lazy mans path to success

"Normal isn't all it's cracked up to be!    Normal people work twice as hard, make half as much and hardly have any fun at all."  (from How To Seduce Life)

Some of us know deep down that we not leaders but neither are we followers.   We are the ones that must break away from the crowd and make our own path.   We are the ones others call different and we wouldn't have any other way.  

We are the adventurers, the creatives and the life loving individualists.   We haven't got a clue where we are going and we can't wait to get there.    We don't accept the risks that come from getting lost, we embrace it.   When we do make an amazing discovery, we party like there's  no tomorrow but then we want to move on.

Normal isn't that much fun! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The intelligent book buyer

Ok, so you can't decide whether or not to buy my new book, How To Seduce Life?   I will do my best to make the decision making process simpler and easier for you.  Just follow my flow chart and it will lead you to the wise choice....(click on image to enlarge)

Now that you have made an intelligent decision go here to see what the dang thing is all about....

How To Seduce Life

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