Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally......my book is here!

Waiting for my book has been like waiting for a child to be born.    You do a lot of hoping and praying.  Hoping that everything turns out ok and that people will love your little creation as much as you do.   And praying that it's not retarded..

Well now it's time to face the truth....is it as good as I think?   Starting tomorrow you can purchase the book online at   www.howtoseducelife.com

I owe thanks to many people but today I want to thank my friend Diaz (aka Linda Gardiner-Methot) my photographer, website builder and great friend.   Oh and the creator of Ms Smarty Pants!

I hope you'll stop by my website and check it out!

Guru Eduardo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will positive thinking get you what you want?

"Thoughts are not things but thoughts plus action become things."

Having thoughts in line with your dreams and but not taking any action is like having a shiny new car with no gas.   You can sit there and dream all day of all the places you want to go but at the end of the day you are still exactly  where you started. 

So I've concluded that the only way to make my dreams come true is to finish all of those things that I've left undone.  

So tonight I'm going to finish that bottle of wine I opened last night.  I'll polish off the rest of the pumpkin pie and for good measure I might just as well take care of that last bit of ice cream.  And now that I think of it....there are 4 bottles of beer left in the case of beer I bought last week.   For I am now an action oriented dream realizing kind of  guy!

I see a lot of success coming my way...

Guru Eduardo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Promiscuous Positivity

"if you haven't got a screw loose you are probably just wound too tight"

I love being around positive people and negative souls suck the sunshine out of me.   And yet!   Life isn't all sunshine, roses and Mexican beer.    I believe my life is pretty damn good and yet there are moments that make me want to bonk someone on the head.   It's at moments like that when I really dislike Mr and Mrs Positivity.   

"a positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to be worth the effort"   (Herm Albright)

What can be more annoying than someone telling you everything will be great when you've just lost your job or your loved one.   These are the 'promiscuous positivity' types.   They are promiscuous because they can't disern when they are helping and when they are hurting.   They pour on their medicine even if its not the time or the right medicine.  They are throwing around their love in all the wrong places and at the wrong time.

Their mantra is ' change your attitude change your life'.  Here you are lower than a snakes belly in a wheel rut and some fool is telling you that your problems will go away if you just change your attitude.   Or they see this as  an opportunity to tell you how their religion, philosophy or the law of attraction can save your pitiful life. 

"God please save me from your believers"

Any fool will tell you that you brought this on yourself and most will.   Well I disrespectivly disagree!  Sometimes fate kicks you in the butt so hard that it rattles your teeth.  And when that happens you need a time out from life.   A time to feel your loss or disappointment.  The crusaders of the world would do well to remember that.   However the stronger the believer the more promiscous positivity types brain works like a bent coin in a vending machine...it just won't work.

I'm sure that any psychiatrist worth his leather couch would tell you that we need a period of time to deal with major setbacks.  A time to wallow in our sorrow and disappointment.   A time to accept and adjust.   We need empathy not lectures.   It's not always our attitudes and beliefs that sunk our boat sometimes it was just bad luck.   Yeah, bad luck does exist.  

Message to promiscuous positivity types...

Lighten up on your positivity,  sometimes you are not helping sometimes you are just plain annoying!  And lets' be real, no one can be positive 100% of the time and be sincere at the same time.    The hurt person probably believes in your message of positivity but is just not ready at the time for it. 

Ok, my little rant is over so now I can get back to being a promiscous positivity type again!  Forgive me if I annoyed you.

(now I'm contemplating a rant on why thinking positive thinking without positive actions is a positive waste of time)

Guru Eduardo

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What makes me happy?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Those irrisitable urges...

"He who controls his urges
is a man of character.

She who controls her urges
is a woman of discipline.

But those who give into their urges
have the most fun,
make the grandest discoveries,
lead by example 
and sometimes go to jail for it"

(Guru Eduardo)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Seek criticism not praise

"there is nothing to be learned by being told how great you are"

Praise sure feels got and I like it as much as the next guy.   However, it occurred to me that we don't learn much from praise.   You can however learn much from critisism.

A few days ago I was making up advertisements for my upcoming book 'How To Seduce Life'.   I took my finished product to the gym with me and showed it to a small group of ladies who were having a coffee.   I asked them for feedback.   All but one of them gave me a very positive review and chuckled and joked at my advertisement.   Exactly the effect I was hoping for.   Except for one...

Jen looked at the picture in the ad and said she didn't like it.   The girl in the picture was supposed to be showing surprise and Jen thought she looked shocked and horrified not surprised.   At first I was a little put off but on the ride home I came to the realization that she was right.   So I changed the picture and damn if it wasn't dramatically better.  So I learned the lesson of the value of criticism.   Besides if I don't like the criticism I can just ignore it.

So here is new advertisement.   I invite your criticisms...(but if forced I will graciously accept your praise as well)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


"Be only as humble as sincerity and your friends will allow" 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The hidden benefits of being from another planet

"I always wanted to have an unfair advantage over others so I decided to be myself"

The other day my son and his girlfriend informed me that I was eccentric!   This was the nicest thing anyone had said to me in awhile.   Quite the compliment!   I resemble that remark.  You see I'm very comfortable and in fact quite pleased to be a little off center.  Here's why...

"Normal people make half as much, work twice as hard and have hardly any fun"

As Seth Godin (the marketing guru) said, 'You can't be the next big thing by copying the last big thing'.  The world has too many copy cats and seeks out the different.   It's almost impossible to get noticed when you are one of a million other human clones.   Who will be the next big thing?   I know one thing for certain it will be someone unlike the others in the pack. 

In the next couple of weeks my book will be born.   Waiting for the thing to arrive is like waiting for a child to be born.   You do a lot of hoping and praying.   You hope that people will love your creation as much as you do.   And you pray like heck that it doesn't turn out retarded!  One thing is certain...

"My book won't be like anything else you've ever read"

It's just not in my wacked out DNA to create a copy of someone else's work.   The most important thing to me is that I had fun creating it.   But that doesn't mean that I'm not saying this quiet little prayer to myself.....dang, I hope it's not retraded!

So my message for everyone is....why not go slip into something comfortable...yourself!

Guru Eduardo

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh yeah....I know how to make a party rock!

"to laugh often and much
to win the hearts of the good girls
and the affections of the bad girls
To leave this world with a smile on your face
to know that even one life has laughed
easier becuase you have lived
This is to have succeeded
and you are a seducer"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Those irrisitable urges...

"He who controls his urges
is a man of character.

He who controls her urges
is a woman of discipline.

But those who give into their urges
have the most fun,
make the grandest discoveries,
lead by example 
and sometimes go to jail for it"

(Guru Eduardo)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seduction secret

"life seduction is the most fun you can have with your pants on"

Enticing people to want to help us is not achieved by selling others on your brillance, it's about revealing the brilliance we find in others.   It's about being the mirror in which others can see why they are valued and important. 

Life seduction is a game, play it well and have some fun!    

Friday, May 6, 2011

Winners and losers

"life is too much fun not to make more mistakes"

It often occurs to me that we do a lot of damage by labeling people and our actions as losers.   Just because something or someone fails doesn't mean it is bad.   It is only through mistakes and failures that we really learn.   We only win by trying and no one wins all of the time.   So I'm thinking we should encourage failure.  Fail early, fail often equals learn early and learn often.  The only time it hurts us pernamently is when we don't learn from the mistake. 

"to continually beat yourself up over a past mistake is cruelty to a dumb animal"

I wrote that line some months ago but it still cracks me up.   We've all been dumb animals at times.   Man is the only animal that continually beats himself up over a mistake.   An animal in the wild if it makes a mistake either pays for it with it's life or learns a valuable survival lesson.   In the animal world you either learn or you die.   Good thing for us we get many chances we screw up.   Good thing for us we can learn the lesson from a mistake and profit from our bad judgement. 

So the only question is....what glorious magnificient mistake will I make next?   What if, the bigger my mistake, the bigger my lesson and the bigger my profit?  

"challenge yourself to the point of failure"

That's exactly what athletes and the very best entrepeneurs do.   They push themsleves and their companies until something fails.   That's the only way they can know what is possible and what isn't.  So then failure reveals the truth they need to know.   Then it longer is try, try again.  It then becomes..try different.   Or as WC Fields once said...

"try, try again and if it still doesn't work..quit.   No sense be a damn fool about it"

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The truth about conformity

This quote has hung above my desk for 20 years.   It has been my guide all of those years.  Enjoy..

"The man who follows the crowd,
will usually get no further than the crowd.
The man who walks alone is likely to find himself
in places no one has ever been before.

Creativity in living is not without
it's attendant difficiulties
for peculiarity breeds contempt.

The unfortunate thing about being
ahead of your time is that
when people finally realize
your were right, they'll say
it was obvious all along.

You have two choices:
you can dissolve into the mainstream
or you can be distinct.

To be distinct you must be different
To be different, you must strive to be
what no one else but you can be"

Alan Ashley-Pitt

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you having any fun?

"Don't just do something, have some fun while you are at it"

To some serious types having fun is frivilous.  How silly is that?   Fun isn't something you'll get around to when the work is done or the money made.   You need not earn the right to have fun.  There is nothing you need to do nor buy to have fun. 

How advertising has fooled you?

The marketing genius have convinced the masses that happiness is a purchase away.  You'll be happy and have fun if you only just buy the latest iphone, ipod, new car or take a southern cruise.   They portray the poor unhappy soul who has no date and then sell you on all the fun you'll have when you join their dating site.   Buy, buy, buy and you will have fun and be happy. 

The truth is....

You were born to have fun!   It is your natural state.   Possessions are only momentary moments of happiness.   Yesterdays treasures will become tomorrows junk.   You can have fun vacuuming the floor, walking around the neighborhood or helping a neighbor.  Crank up the stereo, do a dance and sing along.  Go ahead nobodys watching and if they are...so what?  Fun is little more than a one little decision away.

"its not my inner child I'm afraid of losing contact with...it's my outer adult" 

If you've forgotten how to be child like, then go borrow a kid.  Oh, you can call it babysitting if you like but those little tykes will teach you how to have fun again.   Life is too short to live with boredom!  And never forget what that famous best selling author said...

"anything is possible if you can have fun doing it"

Guru Eduardo

P.S.   Ok I'll grant you I'm not famous nor a best selling author (yet)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Give peace a chance

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" (Jimi Hendrix)

"An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind"   (Mohandes Gandhi)

I found a zillion good quotes about peace but I still don't think anyone said it better than John Lennon in his song....Imagine

"Imagine all the people
living life in peace.

You may say I'm a dreamer
but I'm not the only one.

I hope one day you'll join us
and the world will be as one..

All I am is saying
is give peace a chance..

That song still gives me goose bumps!

Peace friends
Guru Eduardo

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