Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is your dramatic difference? Should you have one?

"Sameness is boring, has no appeal and leads to mediocrity"

In business and in life it easy to fit in and be like everyone else.   But where will that get you?  At best you can be average and how much fun is that.    

What if....your company was dramatically different (in a positive way) than the competition?   Now that would be a huge advantage.

What if....you were dramatically different than your peers and competitors?   Then  guess who would; get the job, make the sale or get the promotion?   

What if....your product or service was dramatically different than the competition?   That is the mark of high growth companies, they are dramatically different than the competition.   Think Apple, Google and Tesla Motors.   

So is there is anything dramatically different between you and competition? Why should anyone give you their business?   Can you articulate your difference in a simple repeatable way that is easy to understand?   Would everyone in your company be able to deliver the message equally well?

Now imagine if your 'elevator speech' included something that explained why you or your company was dramatically different than your competitors?    Now that would be powerful and profitable. 

So let the drums roll and flags fly, here is my personal dramatic difference....

"I teach cutting edge persuasion techniques based in science that are fun and easy to learn.  They have been tested and proven to work as opposed to the old school high pressure sales tactics that have been passed down for decades. 

To me that is dramatically different than my competitors.   

Your turn....what makes you or your company 'dramatically different'?   Your future depends on your answer.   If you haven't got an answer, wouldn't that be a powerful thing to work on?

Here is my secondary difference which I really like......I make it easy for your clients to say yes and hard to say no.