Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Live Lightly

“the lighter you are, the easier it is to fly”

I came across an article about ‘living lightly’ and it piqued my curiosity . Turns out it was about living green and leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint on the planet. Interesting…but it got me thinking about other ways to live lightly?
“we want to be seduced by carefree and fun loving souls”

By my definition, living lightly, means living an effortless life. So no extra luggage is permitted (except what fits in the overhead bin on the plane). Grudges, regrets, jealousy, past injustices and all of that negative emotion baggage that weighs us down, has to tossed out the window and forgotten. If we are going to seduce life, we need to be appealing to it. And that negative crap, we carry around is ugly to the bone!
“it is what it is…and what it is, is pretty damn good”

When things go wrong (or did in your past), accept it. It is what it is and pretending otherwise is not in your best interest. Let it go. Some things you just can’t do anything about. It has happened and the only course is to let it go or if possible take some positive action. Why let it weigh you down, now and in the future. Get over it bucko.
“don’t stand in the way of your own sunshine”

Be optimistic to the point of being happy for no darn reason at all. Now that is sexy. Assume that life is on your side and some how things will work out. Odds are good that this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you look for it, maybe you can find a profitable reason for your misfortune or at least a lesson.
“be kind and life will be kind to you”

Yeah, even the universe believes in reciprocity. Be kind to everyone and everything (including the dirty homeless guy begging for change and grumpy waitress who is being run off her feet). Being a slow learner, I confess I wasn’t always kind to things. Since I am slightly more evolved now, I am much kinder to the environment than in my careless youth. And what about the things in my life? Why this morning, I was kind to my car and gave it a bath. It’s still shinning it’s approval at me, right now.
“laugh at everything, until the guys in the white coats come to take you away”
I’ve always believed that you haven’t earned the right to laugh at others until you can laugh at yourself. Some of my best stories that amuse my friends, are tales of my misfortunes. By laughing at my own stupidity, it takes the sting out of it. And for some dang reason, it pleases the heck out of my amigos.  Ah, but little do the know that I’m just banking up points so that I can mock them in return…(which I do at every opportunity)
“you have a purpose on this planet, even if it is just to have fun”

Now that you know that, you can let go of the worry. Worry is a heavy sucker and butt ugly to boot. If purpose hasn’t found you, here’s the good news…just chose one. Take it for a trial run, if it feels good, keep it. If it feels wrong, take a vacation. That’s your reward for trying. The universe’s store of opportunities, never closes. You can always pick another one. Right now my purpose is to finish my book and annoy my friends. As soon as the first one is done…I’m taking a vacation! (the second one is a life long pursuit)
“life was meant to be fun, easy and over-flowing with abundance”

Ok, that wasn’t a quote from some wise guru, I made it up. However, I’ve read many times that beliefs tend to become self fulfilling prophecies. And I am believer! The very reason my book will exist is because of that belief. It does make me feel lighter, every time I think about it. Which to me is a very light seductive thought.

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