Monday, November 26, 2012

Think tropical vacation if you want to be more successful

Powerful persuasion tips that you should know

Imagine that you are at this tropical beach. It is a beautiful hot day with a gentle breeze off of the ocean. You are warm, relaxed and peaceful. The sun feels sooo good on your body. You are totally contented and happy.  Swaying gently in your hammock the thought occurs to you, if I have any problems I can't remember them.  Live is good and you are at total peace with yourself in this warm tropical paradise.

Now think about me the writer (that would be me). How do you feel about my personality? Odds are that if you really allowed yourself to imgine being in that hammock on the beach that you will feel better about me also. Just by imagining being warm and relaxed improves your feelings about me or anyone else you immediately come into contact with.

So why am I telling you this? Because the feeling of warmth is very seductive. If you want to persuade someone to your point of view or buy your product or service you should always try to warm them up first. This is a persuasion technique called priming. It is priming you with a good feeling before introducing any request.

I'm not saying that you should bring them pictures of tropical beaches (but it might help). There are many ways to warm up a person. Here are a few...

Give them a hot drink. Researchers found that even just holding a hot drink (without drinking it) caused people to feel warmer towards others. They also found that when people were given a hot drink they became more generous and more likely to give to others. So you want your sweetie to do something for you, give them a hot drink first.

A warm handshake warms up you both. Now if you live in a cold climate location you need to ensure that you warm up your hands before shaking hands with someone. If you are going to introduced to someone and if you can discretely warm up your hands you are going to perceived much better. Just rub your hands together rapidly. They won't know why but they will instantly feel a closer bond with you by shaking a warm hand. Cool huh?
TIP.....Imagine you are about to meet someone.   Just before you are introduced you are holding a hot cup of coffee in your hands.   When you go to shake hands yours will be nice and warm.   Sub consciously the other person will just assume you to be a warm person.   That first impression is so powerful and research says...lasting.  Try it!

Who doesn't love a good hug? Sadly there are a very few who don't like to be touched but not many. The problem is its not a good idea to hug people you just met in a business situation. But if you are going to persuade someone you know and you can safely hug them they will melt in agreement. Just thinking about this makes me want a hug?
I know a business lady who hugs her clients when they meet.   They love her and wouldn't dream of taking their business elesewhere.   Because...
"When you earn your business with the best price, product or might lose that business if someone else has a bertter price, product or service.   But if they really like really have to screw up before they go elsewhere"

A great smile will warm any heart. You've got it so use it! It's darn near impossible to resist returning a great smile.

Warm words. Reaserchers found that when bell hops went to carry bags from a room for guests that if they mentioned it was a beautiful sunny day their tips increased. Just talking about a sunny day was enough to warm up the other person. So words matter. Oh, by the way did I mention its going to be a beautiful sunny day today? And how would you feel about buying me a Baileys and coffee?

And finally....

That's right....its good to have beautiful sunny images to warm  up  you and your clients.   Researchers have found that just by looking at pictures like the one above it also makes you more creative.   So right now my desktop background picture is that one.    

Now that I've warmed you up to my ideas, would you like to buy a great book?

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