Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This will melt your heart and make you money!

"Cute sells"
When we see images of cute little puppies, kittens or babies it triggers a reaction in us that we can't control.  It causes us to be happier more protective creative and simply smarter.  It is natures way to create the feelings necessary to continue our species.   Young and defenseless images of cute innocent babies is just too hard to resist.
In one study it was even found that if you had a really cute baby image in your wallet you were twice as likely to have a lost wallet returned with all your cash and credit cards untouched.    So these images even create honesty in those who see them.  Hey maybe these types of images could reduce shop lifting?
Looking at these types of images causes people be calmer and happier.   So imagine if you were in some waiting room and surrounded by these cute images.   You would be much less likely to be upset about the wait. 
Cute and funny flood our systems with those feel good chemicals and hormones.   A happy customer is much more like to buy.
Viewing these type of images also cause us to be more relaxed and open to suggestions.   Can you imagine a boardroom with cute kittens puppies and kids?   That would take some courage to do but hey....whatever works.

Now ask yourself where could I use these images in my business and in my life?   Remember it will make your family happier too.   Dig out those cute pictures of your kids and brighten up the attitude around your home. 

Now don't you feel better?   Just remember....cute sells!



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