Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chewing gum makes you smarter

Did you know that chewing gum makes you smarter?   Ok, it only lasts for around 20 minutes but hey, some of us can use all the help we can get.  

I don't know who does this kind of research but here's what they found.  

*chewing gum improves memory, attention, reasoning skills and other mental abilities.

The only downside is that for some reason it only lasts about 20 minutes and then you go back to your normal level of smarts.   I've been thinking about this....hmmmm  we should only work in 20 minute stretches then take a 20 minute break.    Then another 20 minutes of brilliance and chewing....well you get the picture.   What's a boss going to say about that? 

But wait there's more...

Chewing gum has other benefits as well.   It lowers anxiety and reduces stress.  It also increases saliva in your mouth that fights bacteria.  

But wait there's more...

You know that guy with the bad breath?    NO....not me!   Anyway you don't have to offend him by telling him he has bad breath just give him some gum and tell him it will make him smarter!

So if you have a big test coming up or need a bright idea....get gum!   As for me my writing will be 20 minute bursts of brilliance from now on.

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