Friday, December 6, 2013

What works better than positive affirmations?

Have you ever tried positive affirmations to help you manifest some goal or great desire?  Millions have and millions have been disappointed.  Some will say it works wonders.    My psychology friends say research proves otherwise. 

Here is what research says about positive affirmations...

When you repeatedly use a positive affirmation your brain interprets this as if it had already happened.    So if you were to say for example.....My business is prospering and I am in a position to use my wealth to help others achieve their goals and dreams etc.  Sounds nice huh?   But what happens?   Nothing.  

Your brain interprets as if this were already so, there is no need to take any action. Your subconsious feels like you already have achieved that beautiful affirmation and you start to feel really good about it.  So why would your subconscious be motivated to  do anything?

So what's a girl to do?

Here are the two magic words that can actually put you on the path to realizing that goal or dream...

Will I ____________________________.

Let me give an example of how it worked for me recently?   A few months ago I had a talk to give to a management  group.   I was highly motivated to make it a success.   So I wrote this on a card and carried it around with me for the 2 weeks preceding my talk.


A kept the card where I could see it and contemplated the question often.   As a result I started accumulating ideas for my presentation.   By the time it was time to do my talk I felt super prepared and yet still slightly nervous.  I think I was nervous because right up till I took the stage I was still thinking....'will I be able to give  a ' knock their socks off presentation'.     And guess what.....I did! 

After my presentation those in attendance took turns giving an evaluation.  Almost every soul present gave a terrific thumbs up for the talk.   Felt pretty darn good.  So I know this works like magic because it focuses you on moving towards the goal.   You never stop improving.   Then as you keep improving your confidence grows.   You might like me still be nervous until success is achieved but that's a good thing.

It is so wonderfully simple and yet it works like magic.  A week ago I decided to use it to get me off my procrastinating butt and finish my next book.  It has been progressing a break neck snails speed.   So here is my new card...

Yikes...that's a little scary to contemplate?   Finish my book in less than 60 days?  My last book took 2 years to write.     I made that new card a week ago and have written every day since.   Each day I write I feel better about myself.   I'm starting to think I've kicked procrastinations butt.  

Will I do it? 

Honestly, I don't know but I do know I'm progressing quite nicely, thank you.   I've done more writing in the past week then I did in the previous 2 months.   I find that the further I progress the more motivated I have become.  I know that my evil enemy procrastination is always out there with a cold beer or a glass of wine, ready to throw me into a pile of 'never going to happen' but my resolve is growing daily. 

Sheesh...if this works imagine what else I could accomplish?  Look out ladies I might just put you on my list of....Will I ______________________?

So will you try it?  

I truly hope so and I would be thrilled if you let me know how it works for you?   Feel free to leave a comment or to send me a private email at edsemail@   Wouldn't it be cool if I could use you as a success story in my book?

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