Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions that are fun and easy to achieve

"I have grand intentions and minimal willpower, thankfully that's not a problem"

Normally at this time of the year I would set about making resolutions that have little chance of being realized. Like everyone else, I have grand intentions and minimal willpower.

This year will be different!

This year I've decided that instead of trying to resolve a problem, I am going to build on a strength. So I asked myself...what do I love doing, that is good for me? Then my resolution will be to do more of that for the New Year.

I'm reasoning that I won't need willpower to get my resolution achieved. True, I won't be tackling any unresolved issues or problems, but at least I'm almost guaranteed success. And mostly, I won't be kidding myself with my resolutions.   I will be setting myself up for success instead of failure. 

So let it be known that:

I will take more holidays.
I will visit more with friends and family.
I will write more on this blog.
And I will finish my book and publish it.

Cheers and Happy New Year's to you all

Guru Eduardo

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