Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Have you have underestimated yourself?

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"we all have a tendency to underestimate our abilities and potentials"

Since my book came out I have been approached many times by people who tell me that they intend to write a book as well.   I do my best to encourage them to go for it but down deep I know that almost none of them will follow through.   I just don't hear conviction in their talk.   They have wishes not intentions.   And yet I also know that it is quite possible for them to write a book.   So why won't they just do it?

"Only those who are willing to step out side of their comfort zones ever achieve anything meaningful"

I know that when I actually committed myself (insert your dumb joke here) to writing my book, I had to face a few fears.   It was uncomfortable to have thoughts like;   what if people think its stupid?,  what if no one buys it?  what if I can't get it published?   what if people laugh at my efforts?   That's uncomfortable stuff to contemplate.

Fortunately I'm not as attached to reality as much as most people.  So I came to the conclusion...'screw it I'm doing it'.    Long story short...the book is done and everything seems to be working out better than anticipated.  

Who knows how successful it will be?   Not me.   What's really important is that I have the book sitting here on my desk and a lot of equally and more talented people don't and won't ever have the joy of writing and publishing a book.    Why?

Because they choose not to step out of their comfort zones!

P.S.   And for a guy who can't draw it makes me laugh to think that I produce cartoons for the book and for my friends.    You have no idea how enjoyable it is to make fun of my friends in my cartoons.  


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