Monday, June 27, 2011

A peek inside my book....Introduction

"Busting your butt and delaying happiness in the hope of achieving some future goal is like putting off sex until you are old"

Most self help books are written on the premise of you becoming a warrior.   The 'warrior way' is hard work, discipline and delayed gratification.   Then one day in the far future you will reap the rewards of your labours.   It never appealed to me as it just sounded too much like hard work and not all that much fun.

Lucky for us, I discovered how to seduce life instead of conquering it.  Seducing life is the fun easy way to abundance and happiness.   It's about getting what you want and having a blast along the way.

To illustrate the difference between the warriors way and seducing life consider this little story.  (I have no idea where it orginated.)

The wind and sun were having an arguement over who had the strongest powers.   The wind proudly boastede to the sun;  as proof of my powwer see that man down there?   Watch as I easily blow his coat away from him.   With that he sent down a sudden and strong gust of wind.   The man instinctively grabbed his coat and held tight to it.   The wind laughed and said, 'now watch and see what I can do to the puny man'.   

This time he really cranked up his power and blew so hard the man had to struggle to stay on his feet.  But this only caused him to grab harder to his coat and wrap it around himself even more tightly.

That is trying to conquer!

Next it was the suns turn.  With the warmest smile possible the sun beamed down his gently rays upon the man.   Whithout his being consciously aware the mans spirit lifted.   'What a beautiful day' he thought to himself.  The man smiled in appreciation, welcomed the warmth on his body and happily took off his coat.

That is seduction!

There are several definitions of the word seduce.   The one I use for the purpose of this book is; To win over, attract or entice so as to cause the intended to give that which is desired, freely and happily.  This should not be confused with sexual seduction where the goal is take advantage of the target.   Instead it is the kind of gentle seduction that leads to love.   It is born of the highest intent.   It is to entice life to love you.   I call it 'life seduction'.

Life seduction is like a sunset so beautiful there are no words to describe how moving it feels to experience it.   A piece of music that stirs an emotion so strong it brings a tear to your eye.  A poem that creates a belief in something greater within you.   The laughter of a child that makes any sacrifice seem unworthy of mention.   Life seduction causes those who experience it to feel so good they are moved and inspired to leve the source it comes from. 

I have no interest in conquering.   I do not wish to be a warrior as is the urging of so many self help authors.   I don't wish to fight over anything, especially myself. 

"If you haven't got the heart of a warrior then lucky you"

I devoted years to discovering ways to make my life; fun, easy and abundant.  Hundreds of book, thousands of internet searches and years of observation have brought me to some really good news!

"life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant"

I believe that we have been sold on the big is hard, difficult and then you die.   Pretty depressing stuff, huh?   It is time time to bring some light to the truth.   We need to get off the path of hard and difficult and...

"Learn to love life and let it love you back"

I would like you to consider what Thomas Edison had to say...

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in work clothes and looks like work"   Thomas must have been an old school warrior.

Now consider the 'seducer' response to the Edison quote...

"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed up funny and looks like play."

Whose team do you want to be on?

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