Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Irrisitable urges...(for women's eyes only)

"Willpower is weak power"

There is something about us dumb humans that we keep insisting on doing things the hard way.   We are lousy at controlling our urges even when we know that those urges are bad for us.   Our default response is usually  to employ willpower.  Sometimes willpower works but mostly it fails us.   A rare few are masters of willpower but the rest of us tend to opt for the immediate pleasure of our urges over the hard and difficult way that is willpower.  

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body on the couch tends to eat junk food"

Is there an easier way to control our undesireable urges?    Yes!   The good news is that there is a simple and effective way to resist the urge to eat that second piece of pie or to lay on the couch and consume junk food by bucket full.  It is remarkably easy and proven to be effective.   And because I like you so much I will reveal all...

"The secret to controlling your destructive urges is....to daydream"

That's it!   Not only is daydreaming not difficult but it's fun and easy.    So lets imagine that you are feeling that urge to polish off the rest of that bucket of smooth chocolate ice cream that has been calling for you?   (or insert your favorite dessert here)   The urge is strong and you can easily imagine slowly savouring that beautiful creamy dreamy chocolate....and yet that annoying voice in your head is saying....NO STOP...we want to be slim and fit and this stuff will cling to my butt like velcro.   But your willpower is weak so what's a girl to do?

Take a deep breath....exhale...good....now lets go daydreaming.  

Imagine you are walking on a tropical beach.   It is one of those vacation days where everything is so perfect it's like you are in an epic movie.   The sun is glistening off the ocean, the sand is warm and fun to walk on.   A few birds circle overhead and a gentle warm breeze is coming off the ocean.   You step into a few inches of water and kick at it.   It's like you are that young wild and free girl again, full of energy and life.  Your senses are flooded with good feelings.  How could this get any better you think?

As you are strolling down the beach you notice that all of the men you pass by stop whatever they are doing to admire you .   You know they are watching and admiring.   Out of the corner of your eye you can see them exchanging glances of approval.  There can be no mistake...today you are hot and every male within sight knows it!

Then you notice a hot hunk of manhood walking towards you.  This guy is strong, hansome, confident and bears a striking resemblance to George Clooney.  The closer he gets the more his gorgeous smile spreads across his face.    For him  the world no longer exists, he sees only you and he obviously loves what he sees.   Your heart starts to race and your face feels a little flushed.  He's getting so close.  He blocks your path and takes both of your hands in his and his eyes look deeply and longingly into yours.   He says hello and tells you his name is Antonio but your head is swimming and you can barely remember your own name.  You do however sense that is barely in control of  himself as well.   You can see it in those dark brown beautiful eyes...he wants you and he wants you badly.    .   Your eyes lock and its as if you can see deep into the honesty of each others soul.    You see his vulnerability, kindness and deepest desire....

OK,  snap out of it girl!   It was just a daydream.     A damn good one wouldn't you admit?    What happened to that urge.   POOF....gone like yesterday.    And that is todays lessson....a good daydream can disolve a bad urge like a hot spoon through chocolate mocca ice cream.  

This is but an example of what my book is all about....finding a seducers fun easy way to solve life's problems instead of the warrior way of hard and difficiult.    Willpower is hard and difficult, daydreaming is fun and easy....you choose?

For more on my book....How To Seduce Life ...go to...   www.howtoseducelife.info
(unless of course you like hard and difficult which most of you seem to be pretty good at)

Psssst.   If you buy my book and me a Mexican beer I just might tell you the rest of the story!

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