Sunday, January 6, 2013

Giver takers fools and fakers

"You can easily tell who is a true friend?  When you've made a fool of yourself she doesn't think you've done a permanent job"

If you were to ask me, what one thing will guarantee that your life will be fun, easy and abundant?   I would say...surround yourself with givers.   Having friends who are givers is the cherry on top life's meaning.

5 Great benefits of having givers as friends
(there are many more of course)

1.   There is no such thing's my turn.   No need to keep track of who did what because givers love to give.

2.  Givers give off positive energy.   Their positive energy lifts you up and makes you feel good about yourself.

3.  Givers make you want to be a better person.

5.  Someone always has your back.   Just knowing that when you stumble, someone will put out a hand is reassurring.   If you are being criticised in your absence someone will defend you. 

6.   Having givers as friends means a life of pleasant surprises.   You never know what will be given to you for no reason other than that you are loved.  (Yeah I know that makes six benefits but what the heck, I just felt giving a little more).


Avoid these people like you would an unnecessary root canel.   The first sign you are with a taker is that their conversation revolves around them and not you.   No matter where the conversation goes they will find a way to make it about themselves.   They will use you and abuse you.  They are self centered and immature.   They believe that in order for them to succeed they need to take from others.  These people are toxic to your happiness.


The fools are takers but don't know it (at least not consciously).   They may see themselves as givers but they suck the energy out of you.   They may make you a supper but then they dump every morsel of their problems on your plate.   These are people who as I said appear to be givers but tend to be so negative that they are draining to be around.


The fakers are the ones that calculate that if they give they will get something back.  They only give because they think it will gain them something now or down the road.   They will fool you at times but mostly they fool themselves. 

What if I haven't been a giver but I want to change?

The answer is simple......give until it feels good!

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