Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Understand the native problem....Idle No More

Understanding the Native problems..

Imagine that Canada had been invaded by the United States? Imagine that Canadians suffered a terrible defeat against a far superior foe. As a result, all of us Canadians were forced out of our homes and onto small tracks of very poor land.

As a result of our losing the war and agreeing to not fight back we were forced into signing treaties that forced us into signing away our rights to our own homes and lands. As some small settlement we were guaranteed free health care, education and housing. In addition we would be forced onto small tracts of mostly unproductive and poor land. Well that’s what happened to natives in this country.

Now less you think, hey that doesn’t sound so bad, look at the free stuff they got? But guess what? We all get free health care and education and we provide low cost housing for the poor.

Our ugly past

In the 50’s the government decided the way to solve the Indian problem was to force the Indian out of those natives. So they ripped the children from their families at ages as young as 4. They placed them in residential schools were they were severely abused; physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. And many wonder there are so many alcohol and drug problems on reserves? It will take a few generations to get over that.

Can you even imagine your little kids being taken away from you at such a tender age and abused like that?

You could have been an American

In the War of 1812 the Americans invaded Canada and would have surely won were it not for Chief Tecumseh siding with the Canadians. That was crucial to victory. So you would be an American were it not for the natives!

We are all descendents of invaders

Europeans invaded what we now call Canada and the United States. It was brutal and cruel take over. Ahh but you say….that was years ago! Well what if a country say like China invaded Canada and won. Would you say 50 to 100 years from now your children would be saying…oh that’s ok we lost the war and we just have to live with it? I don’t think so.

So what is it really about?

Two words… and honour.

When it comes to money, many of today’s disputes comes down what does the government owe the natives in the way of health care, education and housing.

Have you seen pictures of some of the deplorable housing conditions they live with? Mix in with that contaminated water and many live in third world conditions. That’s why Amnesty International has cited Canada for our terrible treatment of our natives. One of the worst records in the western industrial countries.

And lastly there is honour.

When a country enters into a treaty with another country, shouldn’t they be obligated to honour their lawful agreements? This is what the current ‘Idle no more’ movement is about. The Canadian government is trying to change the terms of the original agreement.

Native problems

Yes natives have a ton of their own problems such as drug and alcohol abuse and corruption of their leaders. But wait, I just read about Alberta’s Premier Ms Redford being investigated for possible abuses of public monies? And anyone remember the Liberal corruption scandel that brought down that government.

So I guess as they say….those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Metis and Natives not living on reservations

The courts have recently ruled that Metis people and natives not living on reservations should have the same recognition as other natives. So why should they get any special recognition?

The Metis people (sometimes crudely referred to as half breeds) suffered many of same abuses as the natives. After the Riel Rebellion many Metis peoples were forced off their lands. The property was then given to white people.

It should be noted that some of the most successful farmers at that time were Metis and natives. Pretty convenient way to take from one and give it to your buddies, huh?

So don’t give me that B.S. about the poor dumb natives living off the teat of the government. It’s about what is fair and honourable!