Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

"Before you do something the hard way at least check to see if there is an easier way"

Eat with your opposite hand.   Studies show people will eat much less when they eat with their opposite hand.   (right handed then eat with your left)   This causes you to slow down and be more mindful with your food.

Eat With Smaller Plates. Research suggests that people tend to eat around 20 percent fewer calories when they put their food on smaller plates.

Eat Slowly. Studies of 1,500 middle-aged women in New Zealand discovered that women who ate slowly typically weighed less than speedy eaters.

Chew More. Research suggests that chewing food forty times (instead of the usual 15) can cut your calorie intake by 12 percent.

Drink More Water. Drinking two cups of water before every meal can help you eat less and lose weight faster.

Did you know that I have many more simple, fun and easy tricks and tips to make those jeans fit better?   Yep, it's in my book    'How To Seduce Life'.    Or you could do that weight loss thing the hard way....but why would you?

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