Friday, September 23, 2011

The 'on' switch for your brain

For a long time I didn't realize that my brain wasn't really turned on. I mean I could communicate, make a living and do all manner of things without hardly trying. So naturally I assumed that my brain was in gear and everything was working fine.
Then one day I discovered the 'on switch' and wow it was a whole new world. My first great discovery was that I wasn't really using my brain, I was simply operating on automatic.
The imput to my brain was coming from all sorts of sources; TV, Newspapers, radio, books and worst of all from other people. All these sources were merrily plugging their thoughts into my cranium and I was acting out the results they intended for me. They could make me feel good or bad depending on their whim. This is not good because I always thought I was smarter than the average bear!
However, I'm now glad to report that since I discovered the 'on switch' I have regained complete control. Now that I'm in control things are much better. I can push that happy button to my hearts delight (and trust me I do). I am understandably happier and I just keep having these great epiphanys. It feels so good I can't stop writing these articles. My brain is supercharged
and I'm loving it.
I know what you're thinking! What is the boy on? How do I get some and what's this 'on switch' you keep raving about?
First let me say that I've found that the simpliest things can be the most profound. So hold onto your shorts here it is....Silence. Yep, that's it, silence. You see when you shut out all external interference (like the radio, TV and the kids) you get silence and when you get silence your brain suddenly wakes up and says...hey, no stimulous must be time to go to work. Once that happens all sorts of thoughts start pouring in to fill the vaccum. Remember what they told us in school and on Star Trek, nature abhors a vacuum.
Isn't that great! But wait, there's more. Your brain has two channels, one is positive and one is negative and the dang thing keeps flipping from one channel to the other. Until you take control of this wonderful machine it can drive you nuts. Who the heck wants to have their brain feeding them a bunch of negative crap. The way you know that its negative crap is in your stomach. Yeah, I kid you not, the brain is hard wired to your stomach. When you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach you know damn sure the brain is on the negative channel again. So the solution to good programming is to pay attention to your gut. As soon as you start feeling it there switch the channel to positive thoughts. Ahhh, that feels better!
With some attention you can get really good at keeping your channel on positive. And man does that feel good. Plus, amigos, the really great ideas start to flow. Suddenly, you feel in control of your life. This is good stuff!
There is a caveat here, you'll get hooked on the positive channel of your brain. You won't be too pleased when someone trys to change channels on you. Those people whose brain is stuck on negative will annoy you and you will start to find yourself wanting to get away from them. Try as you will, to get them to turn on their positive channel and they will try even harder to turn on your negative channel. Thing is you will know that they are trying to do it to you, so your brain will be saying to you, let's get the heck away from this person before they take away this good feeling I'm really loving. Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I'm not a happy camper if you try to turn off my 'happy button'.
It takes a little practice but after awhile it starts to come naturally. You'll start looking for more silence but remember to keep it in balance or you become a hermit living in a cave. And you can become a real master of this technique when you can keep the channel on positive even when there is lots of outside stimulus bombarding your brain.
So turn off the radio and TV and turn on your brain, its fun, easy and will bring you tons of abundance in your life. Glad I could be here for you!

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