Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eat yourself skinny

Do you know the best foods to eat when you want to fit into those skinny jeans?

A recent study provides the answer.   Here then are the top 5 foods for losing weight and I might add a few surprised me....

1.  Yogurt...yeah I know, a food that tastes like dessert comes out number one...the perfect breakfast.
2.  Nuts...and this even includes peanut butter.
3.  Fruits
4.  Whole grains
5.  Vegetables....I would have thought they would be number one and not number 5?

Eating those kind of foods doesn't seem hard and difficult.   In fact this supports my theory that life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant (and by abundant I don't mean pounds).

Ok Mr Smarty Pants, then what are the worst foods to eat if you want to shed a few pounds?

A few surprises here....

1.  Potato chips...we all know that is junk food but I am surprised it beat out the sodas.
2.  Potatos...with the chief villan being french fries.   Still even ordinary potatos worse than soda pop?
3.  Sugar sweetened soda and fruit juices....yes I said juices?
4.  Unprocessed red meat....even worse than processed meats?
5.  Processed meats
6.  Sweets and desserts
7.  Refined grains...did you notice that whole grains are the on the best list and refined grains are junk.

I'm thinking if we printed this off and posted it on the fridge as a reminder it would go a long way to making us all lean and healthy.   And the really good news is....it's fun and easy.

So did anything here surprise you?   I would appreciate your comments..

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