Sunday, September 4, 2011

When is the last time you took your inner genius for a spin?

"The on switch for your inner genius is silence"

With all of the advances in technology I'm wondering if its leading to a loss of creative thought in us.   You see so many with ipods plugged into their skulls or texting instead to talking.   Silence has become something to avoid at all costs.   Get in the car and crank up the tunes or come home and turn on the idiot box.   How are you ever going to get great thoughts with all that noise?

On my drive back to Saskatchewan for the family reunion I drove for seven straight hours and decided not to listen to the radio on my trip.   Instead I made up 5 index cards with a question or thought on each one.  Then I let my mind wander on one idea at a time.   I had my digital recorder to record my thoughts and ideas.   The miles flew by and by the time I arrived at my destination I had a ton of good ideas.  How many would I have had if I cranked up the radio instead?   Probably next to none.

"You are smarter than you think but you'll never know it unless you get comfortable with silence"

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