Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I can make you smarter

HEADLINE....people who think they are smart actually become smarter!
That's an actual healine based on a recent study. Just thinking you are smart actually makes you smarter. Makes sense to me! And I suppose that the opposite is also true...those who think they are intellectually challenged (dumb) are contributing to their dumbness. 
"man is not born dumb or stupid he has to watch a hell of a lot of television to get that way"
And there's more....just by fact that you are reading this article, tells me that you are smarter than the average bear. No, it's not because of my brillance (there I go becoming brilliant). No it's simply because reading makes you smarter by way of exercising that brain muscle of yours. Surely you've noticed that dumb people frequently make remarks like....I hate reading. Which is whole like saying...I choose to get all of my information and knowledge from Homer Simpson.
So I'm thinking....
If just thinking you are smart makes you smart; then thinking I am funny should make me funnier? Oh, hold the phones, I just had an inspiration   what if I start thinking I'm handsome?
(but let's keep this our little secret, ok)
Smile, you are smarter (funnier and prettier) than you think

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