Thursday, March 15, 2012

FREE Energy

Another great secret is about to be revealed right here and right now! I'm going to share with you, an absolutely free source of energy that you can tap into right now. Please don't tell the government or they may want to tax it!

ta dum....drum roll please....

"If you are looking for an immediate energy boost look for the happiest person in the room"

It's amazing the energy you can pick up from a happy person. It's like they have so much that they don't care if you take a little of their energy for yourself. In fact if they see that you are picking up some positive energy from them  they just want to increase their energy output and give you more.

One caveat, don't bring negative energy around that person or he will flee. You'll be left all by your lonesome with the other energy suckers. You know that 'like attracts like' thing. Hanging out with the negative energy crowd will make everyone feel lower than a snake's belly in a wheels rut pardner! (a little western humor).

Bonus tip.....I'm giving out positive energy everyday at this site so stop by often and top off your tank (no charge) I'll leave you with some wisdom from some dude named Will Rogers...

"the best way to make fire
from two sticks is to make sure

that one of them is a match"

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