Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friends with benefits

"a true friend is someone who thinks you are a 'good egg' even though he knows you are slightly cracked"     (Bernard Metzer)

Research has shown that those of us with good friends, will live longer and be happier and healthier. I don't need to quote any study because there have been so darn many to support this theory.

"good friends are hard to come by and even harder get rid of" Eric Yoda Wallman

Friends liven up your life with twisted jokes and embarassing stories. They are the source of my best belly laughs. They must be the world's best stress reliever.

Now just in case you looked at the above photo and got the idea that my friends are all females, sadly that is not so! It's just that they are so much better looking than their husbands and boyfriends and I wanted my site to look really good! And just in case you got the wrong idea from the article title...that's funny but not so!

"many people will walk in and out of your life
but only a true friend will  show up with cold beer on a hot day"

I wish you as many wacky friends as I have. As a matter of fact if you want I could lend you one!

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