Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes its best to break the rules

"If you've never broken a rule, then you have never really lived"

Here's to those who love to break the rules!   For they are the one's who cause the great changes.  They are the creatives, the explorers and inventors.   They are not content to follow the herd but prefer to make their own path and sometimes end up in places no one has ever been before.   They don't have to think outside the box because they never lived in any damn box to start with.

Conformity is THE box!   Conformity is defined by obeying all the rules.   The shackles of conformity are formed  by being part of the herd and dutifully being obedient to whoever made the rules to start with.   Just remember this; whoever made the rules made them because they stood to benefit by your compliance.

So I say....let's have some fun and find some rules to break! last piece of advice!


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