Monday, October 21, 2013

Should you trust your brain or your gut?

And the answer is neither. At least not all of the time. Research has shown that their are times when it is best to trust your gut (intuition) and times when you would be better off trusting your head (logical).

Trust your gut (intuition) or some might also say your heart, when you are upbeat, happy or feeling positive. Your gut feeling is really the answer that comes to you from the collective wisdom of your subconscious. However be forewarned their are times when your intuition will lead you astray and may cause you to make a bad decision?

"Just because something feels right doesn't mean it is"

Trust you head (logical thinking) when you are experiencing a negative emotion. When you are sad, mad, depressed and upset, trusting your heart or gut can cause you to make a very bad decision. When in these negative states is the time to think logically. We've probably all made bad decisions at times when we are upset that we later regretted?

"and just because it seems logical doesn't mean it is either"

So make a decision but remember this....if it isn't followed by some action then you haven't really made a decision. It's just a consideration not a decision.

Pssst....if you know someone going through tough times it just might a good idea to pass this article on to them. That would be a logical decision that also would feel right?

"In my house I'm the boss! My wife is just the decision maker" (Woody Allan)

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