Sunday, October 20, 2013

WARNING....Touch it and you'll buy it

"When you touch an item you are more likely to buy it and pay more for it"

Every successful marketer and beach vendor in Mexico know that if they can put something in your hands the odds of a sale happening go up! This is why they say...go ahead try it before you buy or take it for a test drive. Once the item and your brain make a connection they want to bond. The longer you are in possession of something the harder it is to put it back.

Touch plays more roles in decision making. For instance how something feels; soft vs hard, warm vs cold and rough vs soft affects how you perceive others. So if you go to someone's office or business and they put you in a warm, soft and comfy chair and feed you a nice hot coffee....lock up your wallet or purse. Your resistance will begin to melt like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Even weight can influence you. In one study human resources folks rated job applicants as superior to their competitors if they studied the resume on a heavy clipboard. The heavy clipboards made participants rate public isssues such as the environment more deserving of funding. Subconsiously we rate heavy as more serious.

Making your client feel safe, warm, comfortable and secure is what I call 'preparing to persuade. This is similar to an idea I wrote of earlier about selling on sunny days. The objective is make the client feel good or as one brilliant writer said...seduce them. (Ok that was no brilliant writer that was me). Of course if your product or service is crap no amount of priming will help. You can't prime a dry well!

It always amazes me to discover that by being kind, generous and considerate to others leads to more success. I think I should have called this article.....'Priming Profits By Pampering' Now go out and touch someone (ok in a respectable way).

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