Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The secret to selling is to not sell

"Relationship building is the new selling"
Today no one wants to sell and no one wants to be sold!   So don't do that.   We have such a strong resistance to being sold anything that as soon as we feel we are being sold we head for the hills.   And yet product and services need to sold, so what is the answer?
First, we need to get past a clients resistance.   The quickest and most enjoyable way (for both of us) is to build a good relationship.   Because....
"All things being equal we chose to do business with those we like and all things being unequal we still chose to do business with those we like"

I am not advocating that you do more schmoozing.   I am advising that you build a mutually beneficial relationship with your clients.   The relationship has to be seen by both parties as a win/win.  

Of course an inferior product or service will not get you any lasting business.  However, assuming your product or service is competitive with the others on the market then the difference is the level of trust you have built up and that takes relationship building. 

The purpose of relationship building is to remove any resistance your client has to you so that you can tell your story and show how you can solve their problems or create an opportunity. 

"Closing the sale tactics become a thing of the past but rather a natural outcome of a mutually beneficial relationship"

Assuming you've commenced doing business with a client and you've delivered on your promises, then remember this and please read it over very carefully....

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