Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quit trying to make a sale! (because it's hurting your chances of success)

"No one wants to be sold anything and no one really wants to be a salesperson"

Oh I know what you are does that stupid guy think I can grow my business without making  sales?  Glad you asked...

First, lets examine why trying to make a sale is bad for business?   Trying to make a sale creates resistance.   Resistance to your product or service and resistance to the person trying to make the sale.  The reason is that the traditional sales process creates stress and who likes stress?   Right, no one!

I remember many moons ago when I started out in my career I was taught this mantra....always be closing.    The idea was that at every opportunity we were to be asking for the sale.   If you don't ask you won't get the sale.   Bullcrap!

Everytime a client says no he or she builds resistance to you and your proposal.   Each no pushes you further away from a successful outcome.   Given enough no's they never want to see your high pressure sorry ass again.

So what's a girl to do?

Introducing.......The Secrets of Persuasion!

The first question I get asked at my talks on this subject is...what is the difference between making a sale and persuasion?  The simple answer is intent!

In the sales process the objective is to make the sale.   That implies that the benefit goes to the seller and if the client gains a benefit that is great but not necessary.   The sale itself is of  first importance.  So the tactics used (as long as the are legal)  are acceptable and considered necessary.

In the persuasion process the first objective is not to make a sale!   The first objective is to establish a relationship.   To gain trust, respect and likeability between both parties.   The end result must be of mutal benefit.   The ultimate objective is a long and prosperous relationship.   As a young marketing representative at my last talk that's kind of like leading my client to a result he should eventually get to himself. Isn't that beautiful?

The persuasion secrets that will be the basis of my next book and my current talks are fun and easy to learn and work like magic.  

It's like having an unfair advantage over your competition.  

What if, you were powerfully persuasive?   How much fun could you have if you never had to ask for a sale and instead they asked you for the priviledge to do business with you?

What if, your employees were all powerfully persuasive?   How would that affect your companies growth and future plans?

Yeah, I know this sounds like one of those late night infomercials?   However, what if it's not?   What if, this is based on real and honest research that is proven to be effective?   Because, guess what?   It is!

So stay tuned as I will be using this blog to explain ...The Secrets of Persuasion  



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