Friday, September 3, 2010

God doesn't do ugly

“it is essential in the seduction of life to come to the realization that God doesn’t do ugly”

Take a moment now and ask yourself this question; what has your God created that is ugly?

“a weed is no more than a flower in disguise” (James Russell)

If we examine nature, we frequently use terms such as; inspiring, majestic, awesome and breathtaking. Have you ever stood looking out at the bountiful ocean or a snow capped mountain and thought to yourself; man this is ugly? Even when you look up at the skies and see a threatening storm, you can still find the beauty, if you look for it. And have you been witness to the northern lights…well, you get the picture.

“look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” (Albert Einstein)

No, only man can create ugly. We can destroy what is naturally beautiful and do it with ease. We have the ability to rip up the wilderness, pollute the skies and water. We create ugly and not the universe.

“put a child in nature at play, and I challenge you to find even one iota of ugly, it’s impossible”

We also create another kind of ugly…people! It is through our eyes and minds that we create images of ugly people. If you believe in God, do you think that he would create an ugly child? Of course not, that would be our interpretation of his creation. It is our perceptions and words that do so much damage.

“we look for evidence of miracles, forgetting that the universe, puts them on display every single day” (unknown)

Only by loving life can life love us back. You can not hope to be loved back by our intended if you don’t show love first. When comes to us humans, real beauty comes from within. It doesn’t come from make up and jewelry. It is the twinkle in the eye and light within. To seduce you must see the beauty of the intended, whether it be humans or nature.

“everything is not as it seems, it is much more beautiful”


  1. Your words have so much truth in them. Glad to have you back Eduardo. Yes, it is people that make the ugly. I always say "God doesn't make junk We do." thank for your wisdom.

  2. thanks Debbie and happy to see you here!