Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Seducers Unfair Advantage

"a good surprise is the unexpected joy of being alive"

There is a sudden joy, that hits us when we are the recipients of a happy surprise.  That joy leaves us feeling, alive, vibrant and appreciated (if only for moments).  Seducers understand the power of surprise.  That so many don't, is good news for us.  After all, if everyone understood and utilized surprise, there would be little magic left in it.

"a life without surprises is called boredom"

It is at these too infrequent moments of surprise, that we rediscover our inner child.  Moments when we can once more feel the awe and wonder, that a child experiences daily.   So appreciative are we, that  it is hard to control the desire to reiprocate.   Mere gratitude seems insufficient.  And remember the goal of seduction is to entice life to give us what we desire.   This is pure gold.

"a pleasant surprise keeps us coming back in the hopes of another one"

It is interesting to understand what is going on in the brain's pleasure center when it is experiencing surprise.   Social scientists, with the aid of MRI's have measured the reaction when we experience surprise.   Then they measured the reaction when the same pleasure was not anticipated (surprise).   The reaction is significantly stronger when the pleasure was not anticipated.  This explains why gambling can be so addictive.  This is powerful stuff.

"a good seducer always has a good surprise up her sleeve"

The price of adulthood for most is boredom.   Life becomes predictable and routine.  We yearn for excitement and adventure.  This is why even a small surprise can have a big payback.  The most cherished memories are most often a result of surprise.  The effort someone made to pull off a surprise, makes us feel appreciated and loved.

It amazes me that business leaders and politicians haven't figured  out the benefits of surprising customers and constituients.  That friends so rarely make the effort to surprise each other is another head scratcher.   Even more fun is to surprise total strangers.  And this is why us seducers have an unfair advantage...SURPRISE!

"a good surprise can cost little in money and effort and yet be remembered for a long time"

Awhile back I printed out a card.  I keep several in my wallet at all times.   I give the card mostly to strangers (ok, usually women).  I give it show my appreciation for good service or just because someone made me smile.   It always comes as a surprise and trust me, the effect can be amazing.   Now because  I like you sooo much, I'm going to share it with you.   Please use it only for good...

When I said a good seducer always has a surprise up his sleeve, this is one of mine.   It's gotten me more hugs, free coffee, drinks and reactions than you can imagine.  Best of all, it has made a lot of people feel really good about themselves. 

"it has been said that a woman can live off of a good compliment for days.  What they didn't say is that a woman can live off of a good surprise for months"

Many folks have misunderstood surprise, they think for it to be effective it needs to be grand.   Not so.  Many small surprises are more effective than one grandiose display.   And surprise has a shelf life, so if you think your surprise is going to seduce indefinitely, you are going to be disappointed. Surprise is a game that is so much fun, it needs to be played over and over again!


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