Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being normal is a disadvantage

"If you burn up all of your energy trying to fit in and be normal, you won't have any energy left to discover your special gifts"

Come on, admit it, deep down you know there is something a little bit different about you?   Chances are, that long ago,  you ignored or dismissed it.   And yet, you know that there is more you are capable of, don't you?  The desire to please and fit in, is what crushed that little seed of potential.   The good news is, it can't be destroyed!  It's still there buried inside of you.    Now that we are big kids, it's our job to let go of the concept of being normal and fitting in.  Time to search out what makes us different.

"it seems so obvious that our greatness won't be found in being normal" 

Normal people don't do much in their lives, other than become a little cog in the massive machinery of humankind.   Normal people don't invent great things, write beautiful poetry, create masterpieces or do anything to change mankind for the better.   Nope, normal folks just pay the bills and do the dirty work of surviving.   So why be normal?  It's certainly not all it's cracked up to being.  

"the only thing holding you back is fear and a worthy goal or cause"

When you were a kid, you got picked on if you weren't normal.   But as adults, that gets reversed and by being normal, you are the one that gets picked on.   Nobody gives you special attention unless it is to get your money.   The banksters and fraudsters are out to get you.  And who is the special attention reserved for?   Right on, it's the one's who are different from the rest.   You must stand out to get noticed and being normal just don't work anymore.   Is it any wonder that most people have that nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives?   Deep down they know they are special, but the world treats them like they are as common as dirt.  

So go paint your hair purple, sing off key, dance like the uninhibited fool that you really are.   Do something, do anything but for God's sake don't be normal.   Normal is boring and boring people get ignored and forgotten.   I tell you all of this because....

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