Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When inspiration comes will you be ready?

"life is too much fun, not to make more mistakes"

While at a 'farewell party' for some friends who are moving back to Turkey, the thought you see above came to me.  Normally I always have a pen and some index cards to capture my insightful good stuff.   This thought seemed so good for me, I had to capture it quickly, less the beer wash away my memory.   So I did what any writer would do in such a situation...

I asked around until I found a friend with an input device and entered into my palm pilot. Then asked my photographer friend Linda to snap a picture, just in case I got hit with stuipidity and accidentaly washed away my wisdom.    SNFAS...Situation normal found a solution.   Return to the party...


  1. I wrote...Do Not Forget Pen on the palm of my hand. Thanks for the inspiring idea!

  2. you are one wise Moonshooter (and funny)