Monday, October 4, 2010

What this world needs is a recess

"the world would be a better place if you joined the rescue recess movement"

I remember fondly, as a kid in school when the recess bell would ring.  My heart would leap for joy, and I would always race to the first one to hit the swings or grab a scoccer ball.   Ahhh...recess, the best part of going to school.  A chance to get out the stuffy boring classroom and to do what I do!  Too bad they didn't give marks for recess?   I could have been the A student, my mother had always hoped I would be. 

"but now that we are all grown up, it's time to rally the troops and bring back recess for adults"

Imagine if every business gave it's employees a recess in the morning and another in the afternoon.  I would be willing to bet, that productivity would increase with all of that good oxygen being pumped into your brain.  And the reduction in stress in the workplace would make it a much happier environment.  It's just not possible to be stressed when you are having fun.

Being the mind reader, that I think I am, I can hear some of you saying...we have coffee breaks now, so is this just semantics?   No, foolish one, don't think in terms of a coffee break, think of it as a fun break.  On my planet, companies around the world, would do whatever was necessary to facilitate two fun breaks a day.  Upon careful consideration, it dawned on me that 20 minutes, wouldn't be long enough.   After all, who cares how long the recess is, if productivity and quality of work improves?

"energy flows to fun" 

We've got it all wrong, life isn't and shouldn't be all about serious stuff.    No, life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant.  Creativity is the offspring of fun.   And energy flows to fun, which leads to abundance.   Isn't that beautiful?

"another beautiful idea....relationship recess"

When your relationship is on the rocks, instead of seeking out a traditional counsellor, why not go see a trained 'Happiness Counsellor'?  They would prescribe a heavy dose of fun to be taken for an extended relationship recess.  If an intense fun break, didn't work for you, then go straight to the lawyer.  

"and what about Happy School for the slow learners"

Sadly, some folks have gotten so out of touch with their inner child, that an intervention is their only hope.  A few courses at my Happy School, should straighten them out in no time.  They might have the option of some courses like;  

Silly is Smart,
Swings 101
Puddle Jumping
Hide and go Seek
Playhouse Construction Basics
and How to get in touch with your bike again

Sounds like fun, huh?

P.S.   Donations to the 'Rescue Recess Movement' can be sent directly to me!

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