Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Its amazing what you can do with hardly any talent at all"

Those are the very words my son layed on me one day when he first saw my cartoons.   You see he knows I am one really crappy artist.   Occassionaly someone will compliment me on my drawings.   This never fails to make me chuckle knowing my lack of skills in that area.   So how did my cartoons evolve to what you see today?   Two things; 

1)  Borrowed brains....anyone who can improve it for me does so with my gratitude. 
2)  I just keep playing at it

This is one of my earlier attempts...

I know not very impressive but to me still funny.   And here is an example from by book...

So like my son said to me...."its amazing what you can do with hardly any talent" keep playing at it and borrow brains whenever the opportunity presents itself.  So this is a good example of what I mean when I say...

"Anything is possible if you can have fun doing it"

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