Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too strong of a belief

"The stronger your beliefs the more intolerant you become of other people's beliefs"

It's hilarious today to look at what we believed was so cool in the 70's.  Those of us that survived bell bottom jeans and go go boots now shake our heads in disbelief.   Fashion is just one of a multitude of things we put too much belief into.  

"The need to be right is born in insecurity"

I never put my complete trust in anone who will never admit to being wrong on occasion.  Those folks will defend their beliefs right up to the point of their own demise and ours as well.   That's what happened with James Arthur Ray.   Total conviction that what he was doing and teaching was absolutely and without question the right thing to do.  Several people died that day because their leader was totally convicted that what he was doing was right.  That's what happens with people who will strap bombs on their backs and kill innocents.   That's what happened in Norway, a madman totally believing that he was saving Europe and then guns down children.   Beliefs held so strongly that there is no room left for logic. 

 What makes these people so dangerous to themselves and to others is that they have unthinking beliefs.   If a belief can't stand up to scrutiny, its probably not the truth.   There is little point in trying to dissuade an unthinking person, it can't be done.   Compromise becomes a dirty word like it is in US  politics right now.   I'm right and you're wrong is a very poor attitude when you are trying to reach an agreement for the common good.  

I admire people with conviction and confidence in their beliefs.   I just don't trust people who will not allow for an ounce of doubt that they just might be wrong.  

So if you are convinced that you are always right, just look at that picture above and ask yourself...did I think that was cool back in my day?   (because I sure did).


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