Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secret to a happy life

"Life is best lived as play"  (Socrates)

I may be a nut but I'm not the only one.  And it isn't just Socrates that shares my point of view.   Here's what another great philosopher Hercalitus had to say...man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.   Yeah, its true those guys were around a couple of thousand years ago but todays billionaire Richard Branson says....we wont' take on any venture unless we can have fun doing it.   So if its good enough for philosophers and billionaires, its good enough for me. 

"You can only be profoundly absorbed in doing what you love"

That is going to be demonstrated to you in this book.   I love my philosophy that...life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant.   So I'm going to have a blast convincing you with the kind of book you've never read before.   You see I learned awhile back that you can't bore anyone into wanting to learn anything.   And if I had set out to write the typical boring philosophy book, it wound never have seen the printed page.  

"You'll never be good at seducing life until you master the art of fun"

Fun is not a trivial matter.   It is the most important thing in the universe.   Later you'll learn that energy flows to fun and fun is the path of least resistance.   Once you fully understand the power of fun you will realize life can be like when you were in elementary school; only the recess goes all day long with 20 minute work breaks. 

"This won't hurt a bit"

In keeping with my philosophy that things go better if you can have fun doing it, I promise a fun, easy read but with a HUGE return on insights.   Then perhaps one day you will become a goofy guru like me.  Together we can start a new movement and make the world a better and much happier place.

PSST....I will confess there is no denying that hard work has gotten lost of warrior types great success and wealth.  My point is that hard work is just one path and it sure as heck isn't the fun one. 

(this is an excerpt from a portion of Chapter 1 in my book....How To Seduce Life)

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