Monday, October 3, 2011

The advantage of being different

"Conformity is the leading cause of boredom"

All the fun and achievement in life is to be found on the outer edges of your comfort zone. The fact is as Seth Godin said...'you won't be the next big thing by copying the last big thing'. So when people say to me, Eduardo you know you are not normal like the rest of us?....I say...

"Lucky me, because normal people work twice as hard, make half as much and hardly have any fun at all"

Your mission is life is to find out what makes you unique and different and then to figure out how to use that to yours and the worlds advantage! Those who opt for conformity will one day realize that by being like everyone else they are replaceable. Conformity means being common and anything common is valued less. Better to be remarkable and different then your value soars. So here's to all of us who choose to walk away from the beaten path. Because those on that well worn path aren't having much fun anyway.

Pssst...If you leave a comment on this article it will a Guru happy and make you wealthy and skinny. (Ok, so I exaggerate a little....I'm different what can I say)

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