Friday, October 7, 2011

We must not let women see the study..

I'm confused....

I just read a study that purports to show that those who care most about their appearances actually live the longest and are healthier.   So are they saying that the facial treatment at the spa and that new dress and shoes are actually a health treatment?  Say it aint so !

Does this mean that that the spa and the shopping mall are the fountain of youth?  

I suppose that it makes sense that when you feel good about yourself you take better care of yourself.   And logically if you take care of yourself you will be healthier and live longer.  Then of course if you feel good about yourself you carry less stress.   But really....

Men we must let this study fall into the hands of women!

NOTE;   The message has been embedded with a virus that will destroy your computer if you are a woman.

Psssst....see that woman in the picture?   That's my friend Linda, it's her birthday today. And I reserve the right to make fun of her all day long.

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