Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't bother trying to copy Steve Jobs

See that picture, that's what Steve Jobs was to original!   He wasn't the slightest bit interested in having a mentor.   He wanted to do it his way and for that reason he will always stand out as a true original.  

The world doesn't need another Steve Jobs, the original was enough.   What the world needs is more originals.   More people who follow their gut like he did, more people who refuse to copy anyone even if they were a great example like Steve.

Steve Jobs seduced us with original ideas, efficent machines and elegant designs.   He also seduced us with his presentations, orginal thinking and resolve not to be a copy cat or clone.   He seduced us with passion and committment to excellence.  

I  like everyone else salute  the memory of Steve Jobs.    That said I'm thinking....who will be the next big thing.   I know it won't be a clone of Mr Jobs it will be another original.  I can hardly wait to see who will seduce us next?

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