Saturday, October 22, 2011

How strong are your passions?

"Passion is energy.  Without passion nothing great every happens"

Like most of you I've set a lot of goals in my life.   Truth is I fell short of them most of the time.   This got me thinking...why is that?   I've come to the opinion that goals that don't stem from a real passion are fools gold.   Nice to daydream about but don't go trying to cash it in.  

Too many times I've confused desire with passion.   Desire is the weak sister to passion.   Everyone has desire, it is as common as false flattery and just as useful.   I can now see why the Buddha taught that cause of unhappiness is desire.   Desire has no energy so it doesn't move you.    You might have a desire to be rich and famous (and who hasn't at some point in their life) however it won't give the energy to go out and do what it takes to achieve your lofty dream.   If all you have is a desire you may as well get that bucket of ice cream and turn on a soap opera for all the good it will do you. 

I developed a passion to write my first book and it happened.    Until my desire turned into that passion it was a nice to thing to daydream about but for many years that's all it was....a daydream.   Lately my desire to write a business book has been slowly turning into a passion.   I'm starting to feel like I'm being caught up in a wave that will carry me forward. 

"The only goal worth having is to find something you can be passionate about"

Do you have a passion?   I really hope so because if you do then the rest of us may just as well get out of your way or else help you persue it.   It's damn hard to dissuade a person of passion.   And who would want to anyway?   People of passion are exciting to be around.   Their passion rubs off on us and we catch some of the energy that comes from passions. 

So my wish is for you to find a passion and you will if that's what you truly want.   Live happy and prosper!