Monday, August 26, 2013

The personality trait for successful you have it?

A recent study of highly successful people revealed the personality trait of those who accomplish the most in business and life.    And that trait is....

An optimistic realist
I believe a lot of people were decieved by books and movies like The Secret.   It implied that you if you held only positive thoughts and images in your head that you could manifest your dreams.   Sounds great, right?  Except it doesn't work that way and the reasearch proves it.
Being an optimist is a great advantage as we like to be around those people.   Positive energy is highly attractive to us.   It feels great to be around highly optimistic people (most of the time).    But a person who denies reality is going to be in for a hard landing....

An optimistic realist knows when something just isn't going to work and when to quit and try a different approach.   And sometimes when to pick a new goal more suited to our talents and abilities.  

A lot of self help authors and speakers have taken advantage of the gullible by telling their clients they can do anything and be anything.   That is just not realistic so that is why I say...
"Trust your heart but take your brain with you"
DISCLOSURE......I have been as guility as anyone I know of being overly optimistic and at times denying reality.  Everytime it came back to bite me.   No more I am committed to being an....Optimistic Realist for the rest of my  life.  

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