Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The hidden benefits of being from another planet

"I always wanted to have an unfair advantage over others so I decided to be myself"

The other day my son and his girlfriend informed me that I was eccentric!   This was the nicest thing anyone had said to me in awhile.   Quite the compliment!   I resemble that remark.  You see I'm very comfortable and in fact quite pleased to be a little off center.  Here's why...

"Normal people make half as much, work twice as hard and have hardly any fun"

As Seth Godin (the marketing guru) said, 'You can't be the next big thing by copying the last big thing'.  The world has too many copy cats and seeks out the different.   It's almost impossible to get noticed when you are one of a million other human clones.   Who will be the next big thing?   I know one thing for certain it will be someone unlike the others in the pack. 

In the next couple of weeks my book will be born.   Waiting for the thing to arrive is like waiting for a child to be born.   You do a lot of hoping and praying.   You hope that people will love your creation as much as you do.   And you pray like heck that it doesn't turn out retarded!  One thing is certain...

"My book won't be like anything else you've ever read"

It's just not in my wacked out DNA to create a copy of someone else's work.   The most important thing to me is that I had fun creating it.   But that doesn't mean that I'm not saying this quiet little prayer to myself.....dang, I hope it's not retraded!

So my message for everyone is....why not go slip into something comfortable...yourself!

Guru Eduardo

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