Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will positive thinking get you what you want?

"Thoughts are not things but thoughts plus action become things."

Having thoughts in line with your dreams and but not taking any action is like having a shiny new car with no gas.   You can sit there and dream all day of all the places you want to go but at the end of the day you are still exactly  where you started. 

So I've concluded that the only way to make my dreams come true is to finish all of those things that I've left undone.  

So tonight I'm going to finish that bottle of wine I opened last night.  I'll polish off the rest of the pumpkin pie and for good measure I might just as well take care of that last bit of ice cream.  And now that I think of it....there are 4 bottles of beer left in the case of beer I bought last week.   For I am now an action oriented dream realizing kind of  guy!

I see a lot of success coming my way...

Guru Eduardo

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