Monday, May 23, 2011

Seek criticism not praise

"there is nothing to be learned by being told how great you are"

Praise sure feels got and I like it as much as the next guy.   However, it occurred to me that we don't learn much from praise.   You can however learn much from critisism.

A few days ago I was making up advertisements for my upcoming book 'How To Seduce Life'.   I took my finished product to the gym with me and showed it to a small group of ladies who were having a coffee.   I asked them for feedback.   All but one of them gave me a very positive review and chuckled and joked at my advertisement.   Exactly the effect I was hoping for.   Except for one...

Jen looked at the picture in the ad and said she didn't like it.   The girl in the picture was supposed to be showing surprise and Jen thought she looked shocked and horrified not surprised.   At first I was a little put off but on the ride home I came to the realization that she was right.   So I changed the picture and damn if it wasn't dramatically better.  So I learned the lesson of the value of criticism.   Besides if I don't like the criticism I can just ignore it.

So here is new advertisement.   I invite your criticisms...(but if forced I will graciously accept your praise as well)

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