Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you having any fun?

"Don't just do something, have some fun while you are at it"

To some serious types having fun is frivilous.  How silly is that?   Fun isn't something you'll get around to when the work is done or the money made.   You need not earn the right to have fun.  There is nothing you need to do nor buy to have fun. 

How advertising has fooled you?

The marketing genius have convinced the masses that happiness is a purchase away.  You'll be happy and have fun if you only just buy the latest iphone, ipod, new car or take a southern cruise.   They portray the poor unhappy soul who has no date and then sell you on all the fun you'll have when you join their dating site.   Buy, buy, buy and you will have fun and be happy. 

The truth is....

You were born to have fun!   It is your natural state.   Possessions are only momentary moments of happiness.   Yesterdays treasures will become tomorrows junk.   You can have fun vacuuming the floor, walking around the neighborhood or helping a neighbor.  Crank up the stereo, do a dance and sing along.  Go ahead nobodys watching and if they are...so what?  Fun is little more than a one little decision away.

"its not my inner child I'm afraid of losing contact with...it's my outer adult" 

If you've forgotten how to be child like, then go borrow a kid.  Oh, you can call it babysitting if you like but those little tykes will teach you how to have fun again.   Life is too short to live with boredom!  And never forget what that famous best selling author said...

"anything is possible if you can have fun doing it"

Guru Eduardo

P.S.   Ok I'll grant you I'm not famous nor a best selling author (yet)

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