Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Promiscuous Positivity

"if you haven't got a screw loose you are probably just wound too tight"

I love being around positive people and negative souls suck the sunshine out of me.   And yet!   Life isn't all sunshine, roses and Mexican beer.    I believe my life is pretty damn good and yet there are moments that make me want to bonk someone on the head.   It's at moments like that when I really dislike Mr and Mrs Positivity.   

"a positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to be worth the effort"   (Herm Albright)

What can be more annoying than someone telling you everything will be great when you've just lost your job or your loved one.   These are the 'promiscuous positivity' types.   They are promiscuous because they can't disern when they are helping and when they are hurting.   They pour on their medicine even if its not the time or the right medicine.  They are throwing around their love in all the wrong places and at the wrong time.

Their mantra is ' change your attitude change your life'.  Here you are lower than a snakes belly in a wheel rut and some fool is telling you that your problems will go away if you just change your attitude.   Or they see this as  an opportunity to tell you how their religion, philosophy or the law of attraction can save your pitiful life. 

"God please save me from your believers"

Any fool will tell you that you brought this on yourself and most will.   Well I disrespectivly disagree!  Sometimes fate kicks you in the butt so hard that it rattles your teeth.  And when that happens you need a time out from life.   A time to feel your loss or disappointment.  The crusaders of the world would do well to remember that.   However the stronger the believer the more promiscous positivity types brain works like a bent coin in a vending just won't work.

I'm sure that any psychiatrist worth his leather couch would tell you that we need a period of time to deal with major setbacks.  A time to wallow in our sorrow and disappointment.   A time to accept and adjust.   We need empathy not lectures.   It's not always our attitudes and beliefs that sunk our boat sometimes it was just bad luck.   Yeah, bad luck does exist.  

Message to promiscuous positivity types...

Lighten up on your positivity,  sometimes you are not helping sometimes you are just plain annoying!  And lets' be real, no one can be positive 100% of the time and be sincere at the same time.    The hurt person probably believes in your message of positivity but is just not ready at the time for it. 

Ok, my little rant is over so now I can get back to being a promiscous positivity type again!  Forgive me if I annoyed you.

(now I'm contemplating a rant on why thinking positive thinking without positive actions is a positive waste of time)

Guru Eduardo

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